...notes from Brewer's Pond, a mid-life homesteading experience.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving In

We spent the weekend and loads of ATP moving about half of our stuff into Independence House on Brewer's Pond. You never know how much energy you have until you have waited 3 months to get going, and the time comes.

Just prior to moving, we got some garden plants going (some have been in Bug's greenhouse since late winter). There are several asparagus forests, and the hops are growing like crazy. There is last year's cilantro, which transplanted well in the cinder blocks we use as retaining walls.  There are basil, thyme, 5 varieties of lettuce, sunflowers, parsley and spring onions growing, as well as a fig tree and some wildflowers.

I'm staying here full time now, while Bug is still at the old place until I get things right... ie, the shower. I'm using the old clawfoot tub to get scrub-a-dubbed, I ain't scared. I know how to rinse clean with a  large cup and not get water everywhere. So last century ;)