...notes from Brewer's Pond, a mid-life homesteading experience.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clean Up Crew

Dr Bug, came in the back door, "Get your camera and come check this out." He closed the door.

I got up, the door opened back up and his head peeked in. Excited, "It's, like... awesome!"

Camera in hand, I follow his ponytail, then his face, as he makes sure I'm following...Around to the the pond side of the property and to the far end. He slows and starts stepping carefully and searching..."Look at these!"

Dung Beetles! He said he has seen them in the past...plenty of times, but never in action of doing what dung beetles do... clean up.

They're helping out...Good job, y'all.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Butterfly Garden?

My container planting of parsely has some visitors,
They are eating all of it, and I'm going to let them.

They are the caterpillars of the Black Swallowtail, or
Papilio polyxenes asterius

I figure I'd rather feed my parsely to the butterflies...I'll plant more later

Brewer's Pond Live

finally, it happened.
internet, that is. I made the order. I'm lazy when it comes to commit to spending money. Held off until I couldn't stand it anymore. This world gets crazier daily, and the televison media entertainer-news does a poor job of reporting the whole picture of our tiny little globe.

Being hooked up is imperative to keep up... like this lackluster attemp at a web log. I can't do it all iPhoned mobile. I need to be sitting in my little paradise to be tellin y'all about it. So here I stand.

Welcome back.

I have the tallest sunflowers I have ever grown. So many tomatoes in a variety of size and shape...

Jalapenos, green peppers and green beans. cilantro, basil, thyme and asparagus...the abundant lettuce has bolted so has much of the basil, so there is seed harvesting to do.

Figs and grapes, and wild blueberries grow in several places, and need some taming and care for nice harvesting next year...

some blackberries had been whacked back, but a few sprigs sprouted forth and bore succulent fruits.

Things are shaping up, and everyone is finding their own pace and comfort... places for things.

Finding the rhythm of this place. What works, what does not.

So carrying on with it...

Stay Tuned.