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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White Rabbit

New month... Before bed on the last night of the month, we tell each other "Hare, Hare" then not speak another word until first thing the next morning. "White Rabbit" is what is said before anything else. It's difficult to remember sometimes... especially when the dog is in your face and wants to go out.

Today I took my oldest, Hunter, to Brewer's pond for the first time. There are holes in the walls and floors, and he is skeptical. I wanted him to see the beginning point so he had an honest comparison when we are done.

I had told him about Eddie and my great scare, but he didn't know Eddie had been moved from the coat closet. I bit my lip as he opened the linen closet. I laughed until I snorted when he jumped back a few feet.

Ah... good times.

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