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Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 5 - Here Comes The Sun

Monday... my first student of the day called me last night to cancel. I was fine with that, it gave me time to drive by Brewer's Pond instead of driving straight to work after dropping off the younger at his school.

I was hoping that I would catch the work crew to let them know what we did to the wainscoting, and why.

Again, it was silent and cold, and I was alone listening to the place. As I stood in the great room, I took in the energy flow through the space. There is plenty of room for free movement in the open layout, especially since the decor plan is functional minimalist.

As I made mental notes and placed imaginary furniture, I became aware that a brilliant shaft of sunlight was pouring in from the back rooms.

My back was tense from all of the demolition we did over the weekend, so I took the opportunity to do several sun salutations right then and there. Stretching towards the ceiling with wide arms and sweeping down towards the floor in the morning sunlight worked out the stiffness, and the new knowledge that our future home has such great energy flow made me eager to get to the business of living in this space.

I had to leave for work before anyone from the construction crew showed up, so I didn't get a chance until later in the afternoon to meet Louis, the crew foreman.

He was the one who put Eddie in the closet.

PS... he had moved Eddie to another closet, and lighting can strike twice.

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