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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2 - Skeletons in the Closet

After dropping the younger off at his school, I went out and pulled the "For Sale" signs out of the yard, and retrieved the keys from the realtor lock-box.

The construction crew had already been there to tear out the kitchen cabinets, they'd been standing by yesterday evening for word that the house was ours, and commenced demolition. They found a dead rabbit in a wall space.

I brought my best friend, Purple, out to see the place before we ripped it apart any further. We'd walked the whole place, I told her of the plans for reconstruction and about the dead rabbit.

It was quiet and cold, we were standing in the great room, when I saw the coat closet by the front door.
We walked over to it.

Mind you, I have looked in every space in this place before it was bought.

I told her it was a decent-sized closet,
 and it would be handy.

And then I opened the door......

Purple was just about out of the back door before I could call her back in the room by yelling to her, "It's not real! It's not real! I promise...I've been in this closet before!!!"

I have to say, even though I'd opened the closet before, I had a vicious surge of adrenaline for a few moments myself until I realized it was a prank.

Upstairs, in the eaves of the FROG (Finished Room Above Garage), the previous owner left a box of Halloween decorations. This skeleton must have been in the mix. One of the workers must have placed him in the closet.

I named him Eddie.
Then I left a note in Eddie's bony grasp, commending the prankster on his superb scare.

Later I took Mom out to see the place, then we went shopping for painting supplies, and looked at the choices for counter tops and floor tile. So much to do.

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