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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3 - Redneck Jackass

We went to work early, knowing the construction crew wouldn't be working on the weekend. I'm doing all of the painting anyway, and thought I'd get a jump on KILZing something in the place.

We ended up moving the old cabinets out, saving the good ones for reuse in the barn, and breaking down the ones we deemed "too-far-gone" and spending a good deal of time cleaning trash from all over the property.

It was a nice day for outdoor activity. I saw a hawk and a cardinal come close as I worked in the sunshine.

Dr. Bug called a friend over to offer him the old oil tank if he wanted it for a pig cooker, he came out and went on the grand tour. After seeing the stuff left over from the previous owner, he said....

"This guy must have been one serious redneck jackass". We couldn't agree more. They had a good vision, and left great bones for what we want to build, but they had no follow through.

What is left is evidence of people who just don't give a damn.

Crazy stuff we found:
  • a 1987 penny and a cabinet maker's card affixed to the wall behind the old cabinets.
  • black mold behind the 'wet' kitchen appliances
  • dead rabbit
  • conch shell in the midst of dumped trash behind the barn
  • a pile of old metal tools and implements in another small dump site near the pond
  • an old tire in the ditch
  • a broken lawn chair in the same ditch
  • 2 collapsible folding chairs by a trailer loaded with fiber-optic cable
  • 1 pole mounted concrete, and portable
  • beer cans shot up with bb holes set on tree limbs all around the property
  • in the dumped trash, I found plenty of personal papers and pay check stubs of the dump-ee. Idiot. They were from as late as December when we'd already begun the contract process.
This means people have been parking back here, and dumping their trash.
Most of it was Newport cigarette packs and empty cartons, fast food wrappers in disgusting amounts, soda beer and Red Bull cans, and chip bags.

In short, the people that had been trashing the place out here, were trashing the inside of their bodies just as bad with processed food, unhealthy drinks and cigarettes.

We also put up our 'NO TRESPASSING" sign, then dragged our exhausted bodies back home for showers, pizza, and beer - remedy for a full recovery.

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